NOTE: this a is menu bar app. Once you open the app an AeroWeather icon will appear in the menu bar (as shown on screenshots).

Now also available for your Mac - a simple and clean version of AeroWeather.

Shows METAR and TAF with accurate data in the well known AeroWeather layout from iPhone and iPad.


- Menu bar application for quick access (Menulet)
- Support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) Dark Mode
- Customizable menu bar (airport with flightrule, temperature, or wind)
- Menu bar display optionally rotates through list
- Today Widget (shows also airport which is marked as favorite)
- Sortable list (by user-defined, name, ICAO, IATA, country) of airports in well known AeroWeather layout (with raw or decoded METAR)
- Detail view with METAR, TAF (raw or decoded) and station information
- Read out of METAR similar to ATIS by swiping a station in list to the right (English voice only)
- Calculates presssure altitude, density altitude, and windchill or heatindex
- AWOS data for US airports (where available) with phone support (either via Skype or connected iPhone)
- Customizable formats and units
- Sharing of METAR/TAF via E-Mail, Twitter, Messages etc.
- Printing of station detail
- Import/export of user data from/to AeroWeather for iOS
- Available in Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish

AeroWeather uses weather data from freely available sources like US NOAA, which cannot be guaranteed. The cost for AeroWeather is for development of the app and not to pay for any weather data.

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*** AeroWeather:對於飛行員,航空愛好者以及每個認真對待天氣的人!

AeroWeather為全球機場提供快速,直觀的METAR和TAF訪問。數據可以以其原始(原始)格式顯示,也可以作為完全解碼且易於理解的文本顯示。 AeroWeather有助於天氣預報簡報,也可以獲得非常精確的天氣。緩存所有天氣數據以供離線訪問。有許多可用的METAR / TAF單位和格式設置。




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