AmpliFi WiFi


Home Wi-Fi of the Future.

A Simple, Powerful App. Simple Setup, Powerful Features, Perfected User Experience.
Setup in Seconds. With easy setup and configuration, your network is up and running in no time.

Automatic Updates.
Future features and performance updates will be coming soon.

Always Know Who Is Using Your network.
The app keeps track of which devices are connected, and for how long.

Track ISP and System Performance.
Get throughput readings and test your ISP speed at any time.

Guest Access, Simplified.
AmpliFi guest access uses an "open time window" to allow instant guest on-boarding without sharing your password. No security compromise or inconvenience.

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The AmpliFi app is designed for use with AmpliFi Wi-Fi products such as:

· AmpliFi HD
· AmpliFi Instant
· AmpliFi HD Gamer’s Edition
· AmpliFi Alien
· AmpliFi MeshPoint

The AmpliFi app allows you to set up and manage your AmpliFi Wi-Fi products. With easy setup and configuration, your network is up and running in no time. Easily view connected devices and their details, monitor ISP and system performance, configure guest access, and upgrade your device firmware.

System – A quick overview of connected devices, upload/download activity, and access to device settings.

Performance Information – View live throughput data and run ISP performance tests.

Guest Access – Easily set up a guest network for visitors in your home or configure your AmpliFi router for use with AmpliFi Teleport VPN to allow friends and family to connect remotely over the internet to your AmpliFi router.

Device Details – View connected client details including MAC ID, IP address, and configurable prioritization settings. Internet can be paused on individual or all devices.

Diagnostics – Run a quick test to diagnose your internet connection.

Remote Access – You can enable remote access to your AmpliFi router so you can use your AmpliFi app to view/edit settings over the internet.

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For SUPPORT cases when something doesn't work better send an EMAIL to SUPPORT@AMPLIFI.COM - there are people working 24/7 that will help you with cases like router beeping, MeshPoints not discovering and other issues.
You can also find lots of information, support other Ubiquiti users and employees on our Ubiquiti community site:

The latest Router firmware changelog can be found here:

Note: Location permission is required to allow the AmpliFi app to discover your AmpliFi router. For details, please visit the FAQs:
AmpliFi應用程序旨在與AmpliFi Wi-Fi產品配合使用,例如:

·AmpliFi HD
·AmpliFi HD遊戲玩家版
·AmpliFi MeshPoint

AmpliFi應用程序允許您設置和管理AmpliFi Wi-Fi產品。通過簡單的設置和配置,您的網絡可以立即啟動並運行。輕鬆查看連接的設備及其詳細信息,監視ISP和系統性能,配置來賓訪問權限以及升級設備固件。



訪客訪問–輕鬆為您家中的訪客建立訪客網絡,或配置AmpliFi路由器以與AmpliFi Teleport VPN配合使用,以允許朋友和家人通過Internet遠程連接到您的AmpliFi路由器。

設備詳細信息–查看連接的客戶端詳細信息,包括MAC ID,IP地址和可配置的優先級設置。 Internet可以在單個或所有設備上暫停。



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