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Logo Design at Your Fingertips!

DesignEvo is an easy and fast app that lets you create stunning logos in the palm of your hand. With 3500+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools, you can turn your ideas into a compelling and unique logo in minutes, even if you have no professional design skills.

Whether you are looking to create an amazing logo for using on your website, social media, company wall, email signature, letterhead, business card, stationery, or T-shirt, DesignEvo helps spark your inner creativity. It satisfies everyone from newbies to professionals.

• 3500+ professionally designed logo templates in different categories such as Abstract, Animal, Business, Fashion, Letter and Technology.
• Lots of preset graphics including Badge, Decoration, Line, Shape, Banner and Symbol.
• 100+ hand-picked fonts in Bold, Modern, Traditional, Handwriting and Funny styles.
• Adjust font size, color, spacing, alignment, uppercase, opacity, curved effect and more to create unique typography artwork.
• Adjust opacity, color, flip & mirror effect for the selected graphic.
• Customize background with a preset solid color or add custom color to use.
• Undo/redo every step of your logo editing.
• Manage layers for the selected object - move it forward or backward.
• Freely move, resize and rotate any objects with your fingers.
• Duplicate or delete any objects at will.
• Save your logo as JPG, PNG or transparent PNG images.
• Share your logo via email, message or other favorite social media apps.

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DesignEvo是一個簡單而快速的應用程序,讓你在你的手掌中創造了驚人的標誌。隨著3500+定制的標誌模板,100 +的字體,大量的圖形和強大的編輯工具,你可以把你的想法變成在幾分鐘內一個引人注目的和獨特的標誌,即使你沒有專業的設計技巧。


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