Dibo the Gift Dragon 1


▶Dibo the Gift Dragon is an CGI animation for your little one.

▶Download VODs 1 time, Enjoy it Anywhere, Anytime.
Even you are on the plane!
(It's not Youtube streaming service)

▶ Special Gift from Dibo
You can take pictures with Dibo and Friends.
With Dibo Camera, Kids can take selfy easily.

Cozy Land is a village of puppets where everything is made out of soft fabrics.
Here, puppet friends live in harmony with lots of dreams and imaginations.
Annie is gentle and she's an excellent cook.
Buuny is a cute rabbit who loves looking at herself in the mirror.
Troublemaker Elo is and elephant who drives his fire truck around anywhere he goes.
Cro is a smart crow who likes to point out the rights and the wrongs all the time.
And Oliver is a lamb who sleeps wherever and whenever he can.
Dibo loves giving gifts. Through these gifts, Kids discover new surprises and unexpected joys.
Thanks to Dibo's gifts, fantastic events happen everyday.
What gift will Dibo bring out next?

-Genre : Preschool Edutainment
-Format : 3D CGI Animation

▶ 'Dibo the Gift Dragon1' Includes 26 episodes

▶This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

▶Developer mail : cs@smartstudy.co.kr

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▶Dibo the Gift Dragon is the animated TV series for your little one. (Season1 Ep.1~Ep.26)
▶Download VOD just 1 time, Enjoy it Anywhere, Anytime. Even you are on the plane! Enjoy the animation On-the-Go!
▶Have Photo time with Dibo and Cozyland friends - camera included.

※ SmartStudy is an official licensee of PEPPERCON
※ Download Episode 1,2 for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase
▶迪波禮品龍是動畫電視連續劇為你的小之一。 (Season1集〜Ep.26)
▶有照片的時間與迪波和Cozyland朋友 - 包括攝像頭。


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