Experience a revolutionary breakout style game that puts you in control of the ball! The ball continues to bounce up and down while you push the ball left and right by pressing the two buttons at the bottom of the screen! The color of the ball changes as you hit the color-changing blocks allowing you to break all blocks that match the color of the ball. When all of the color blocks are gone, the money blocks come alive! Clear all of the money blocks and move on to the next level!

• Enjoy 50 unique levels of Momentum™
• Practice mode to help you become a Momentum™ ninja!
• 18 different block types
• Reverse blocks
• Lock & key combos
• Earn a free ball every 20,000 points
• Bonus timer gives you up to 8,000 bonus points each map
• Pause & resume your game
• Turn music on & off
• Turn sound effects on & off

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Momentum gives you a simple and innovative way to stay connected to your home when you are miles away. Momentum cameras and services allow you to easily monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere. And Momentum makes it convenient to control all your smart home products in one simple app.
Once you download the Momentum app and set up your Momentum cameras you can:   

- See what’s going on at home, day or night, by streaming live HD video from your Momentum camera to your Android smart phone or tablet. 
- Get an alert when there is activity in your home. Use your Android smart phone or tablet to communicate with whoever is there 
- Capture and view HD video recordings of anything you missed while you were away with our available cloud video storage.
- Use the Momentum Garage Door Controller with Camera to open or close your garage door anytime, anywhere. 
- View and set your Nest Learning Thermostat, with your Momentum app, providing you even more ways to monitor and control your home from anywhere.  

The Momentum app and Momentum cameras communicate through the internet and your home’s Wi-Fi network, and certain features require a working internet connection and Wi-Fi network. To learn more about our products, go to

COMPATIBILITY: Look for the blue Momentum logo on the front of your device. The symbol should match this app icon’s logo.

- 看看會發生什麼在家裡,白天或夜晚,從你的相機動量流媒體直播高清視頻到你的Android智能手機或平板電腦。
- 當出現在你家活動時收到提醒。使用您的Android智能手機或平板電腦進行溝通誰是存在的
- 任何事情你錯過了,而你離開我們可用的雲存儲的視頻捕獲和查看高清視頻錄製。
- 使用動量車庫門控制器,相機打開或可以隨時關閉車庫門,在任何地方。
- 查看和設置您的鳥巢學習溫控器,你的動量的應用程序,為您提供更多的方式來監測和從任何地方控制你的家。



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