NFL Fantasy Football


This season, there's a new NFL team competing for a chance in the Super Bowl — yours! With NFL Fantasy, the official fantasy football game of the NFL, you're in control of your very own NFL team. Are you ready to build the next football dynasty?

Start your season by drafting a roster of real NFL players to join your team. Then, prepare for a new head-to-head matchup every week by setting your lineup and tuning in to NFL games to watch your player's action on the field turn into fantasy points for your team.

In a work league with a real hot shot? NFL Fantasy comes equipped with the tools you need to make it to the top, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and all-new player comparison tools.

Looking to be the next Commissioner? Start your very own league and customize the rules however you want. Invite friends and family to compete with you and start your own football tradition.

NFL Fantasy is the home for fantasy football, from the football experts.

New for 2019

Introducing the future of fantasy football: the all-new, totally redesigned NFL Fantasy app, built from the ground up for 2019. Get closer to the game than ever before with the official fantasy football game of the NFL. Always 100% free.

- Best in class Player Profiles include all of the data and expert analysis fans need to make informed roster decisions, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and game video recaps.

- Catch up with your league's activity or get a discussion going in the new Feed section.

- The completely redesigned Team section makes it easier than ever to build a winning roster, and improved player comparison tools help you handle critical game day decisions with ease.

- Enhanced features and performance in every corner of the app.

- The same great features and design on your iPhone and your iPad.

Plus, all of the fantasy football features you expect from the NFL:

- Create a league in minutes to start your own fantasy football tradition, or compete against other NFL fans in a public league.
- Draft players live in-app.
- The NFL Fantasy-exclusive Optimize Lineup feature makes fantasy football approachable for players of all skill levels.
- Catch up with official stats, news, and injury updates direct from NFL experts.
- Perfect your draft strategy by participating in a Mock Draft.

…and more!

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這個賽季,有一支新的NFL球隊爭奪超級碗的機會-您的!借助NFL官方的幻想足球遊戲NFL Fantasy,您可以控制自己的NFL球隊。您準備好建立下一個足球王朝嗎?


在一個真正有潛力的工作聯盟中? NFL Fantasy配備了使您登峰造極所需的工具,其中包括NFL Fantasy獨有的功能,例如下一代統計數據和全新的球員比較工具。












+ NFL幻想獨有的“優化陣容”功能使幻想足球適用於所有技能水平的球員。
+一流的球員資料包括所有數據,球迷分析者需要做出明智的名冊決定,包括NFL Fantasy獨有的功能,例如下一代統計數據和遊戲視頻摘要。



該應用程序具有Nielsen的專有測量軟件,該軟件有助於市場研究,例如Nielsen的TV Ratings。有關更多信息,請訪問。

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