Notch Remover


Notch Remover lets you hide the notch in the status bar! Notch Remover modifies your wallpaper to adjust for the notch. Check out some of the amazing results in the screenshots!

Featured in The Verge, ABC News, USA Today, MacRumors, Mashable, Fortune, SlashGear, CNET and more!

"For iPhone X users who want a perfectly rectangular display, they can now splurge on Notch Remover, designed to camouflage the top bar that interrupts the complete edge-to-edge display."
- ABC News

"Designed to help hide the notch on your iPhone X's home and lock screens by adding a simple black bar atop your wallpapers to better blend the notch and display."
- USA Today

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This app allows removing the notch from Asus Zenfone 5, Huawei P20 and other iPhone X-like Android smartphones.

The new functionality provides a conception of remover upgrades. With these upgrades, our users can easily add rounded corners and set them up according to a design of any smartphone.

With Notch Remover you can:

⚫ Remove Notch on such smartphones as Huawei P20, Asus Zenfone 5 et cetera
⚫ Change Notch Hider size to fit any notches including Essential phone notch
⚫ Set up Rounded Corners
⚫ Define Rounded Corners scheme and size
⚫ Disable notch masking on landscape mode
⚫ Color toolbar with black

🏴Please, take a note that Noth Remover released 03.8.2018 what means 2 weeks earlier than famous Nacho Notch — Notch Hider app. So we didn't still or copy anyone's idea. Just didn't pay for Advertising🏴

Notch Remover is a pioneer of so-kind apps. It's the most complex and flexible solution for the owners of notch-smartphones that is constantly developing and improving.

🏳 A bit of history 🏳

Last years iPhone X presentation was shocked all the humanity with the experimental iPhone X design. The most notable part of this design was the notch, that many users wanted to be removed. There even was an app that allowed to do this. Hopefully, Apple digested the lesson.

What can't be said about many Android smartphones manufacturers? Asus presented Zenfone 5 with the notch like on iPhone X. Huawei did almost the same with its Huawei P20. And these phones definitely deserve an app like Notch Remover.

This app does only one thing. Notch remover allows its users to mask the disputable iPhone X-like notch on Android smartphones.

So if you are a big fan of Zenfone series or different models that will gain the notch with upcoming generation, there is no need to seek for another brand. Just try out Notch Remover. Whether you like iPhone X notch or not, this shouldn't be an issue when choosing your this year smartphone.

Thank you for choosing notch remover.

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