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Explore the World with Oway! Plan your dream trip to Myanmar and around the world with Oway’s free travel application.  Save on domestic and international airfares, hotels and tour packages. Focusing on both Myanmar and International travellers, Oway’s application is available in Myanmar and English languages and accepts both US Dollars and Myanmar Kyats.  

Why should Myanmar people use it?
- The application is in Myanmar language
- Offers special fares to NRC holders
- Purchases can be made in Myanmar Kyat  
- MPU, Myanmar credit cards, bank and cash payments are accepted
- 24/7 support in Myanmar language on chat and on phone
- Tour packages specially created for Myanmar nationals 

Why should International travelers use it?
- The only site comparing all domestic flights in Myanmar
- Offering a many great tours throughout Myanmar
- Helpful customer support with full knowledge on travel products and Myanmar destinations
- Purchase can be made in either USD or Myanmar Kyat
- Accepts international credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Alipay, PayPal and Union Pay
Download the app now to explore the World with Oway!

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- 應用程序是緬甸語言
- 提供特價機票,以NRC持有人
- 購買可在緬甸緬元進行
- MPU,緬甸信用卡,銀行和接受現金付款
- 24/7支持緬甸語言上聊天和手機上
- 旅遊套餐專門為緬甸國民創造

- 唯一網站比較緬甸國內航班
- 提供整個緬甸許多偉大的旅行團
- 幫助客戶支持與旅遊產品和目的地緬甸充分了解
- 購買可以美元或緬甸緬元進行
- 接受國際信用卡,包括Visa,萬事達,美國運通,支付寶,貝寶和銀聯


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