Piano Partner 2


The Piano Partner 2 app provides a friendly, interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music with your Roland digital piano. Songs and DigiScore Lite show the piano’s internal music collection on your device’s display, while Rhythm and Flash Card allow you to build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises. Piano Partner 2 also enables your iPad/iPhone to work as a remote controller for your Roland piano, offering an intuitive graphic interface for even easier operation.

Recorder and Diary functions help you progress more quickly, allowing you to evaluate performances and keep track of your daily practice activities. The Diary logs stats about playing time, which keys you played, and more, and it’s even possible to share them with your family, friends, and teachers directly from the app. To use Piano Partner 2, connect your device and a compatible Roland piano wirelessly via Bluetooth®, or wired with a USB cable.

-Songs—browse and select music from your Roland digital piano’s onboard song library
-DigiScore Lite—display music notation for the onboard songs
-Rhythm—develop your sense of rhythm with accompaniment that follows the chords you play
-Flash Card game—fun challenges to develop ear-training and note-reading skills
-Remote Controller—control Roland digital piano functions from your mobile device
-Recorder—capture daily performances and listen back instantly
-Diary—track your daily activities and share progress statistics on social media such as Twitter
-Profiles—multiple users can track individual Diary data on one device

Compatible pianos:
GP607、LX-17、LX-7、HP605、HP603A/HP603、HP601、RP501R、KIYOLA KF-10、DP603、F-140R、FP-90、FP-60、FP-30、FP-10、GO:PIANO(GO-61P)、GP:PIANO88(GO-88P)
Make sure your Roland digital piano is updated with the most current system program. The latest system program and setup instructions can be found at the support pages at www.roland.com.

- A connection with the compatible model is required to use this application except for the part of Flash Card.
- The compatible model and an iPad or iPhone need Bluetooth connection or a wired connection by a USB cable.
- When connecting an iPad or iPhone to the piano via a USB cable, a USB cable and Apple’s iPad Camera connection Kit or Lightning-USB Camera Adapter are required.
- When using Piano Partner 2 with a compatible piano for the first time, an Internet connection for the tablet is required.
- Songs and DigiScore Lite corresponds to only a built-in song of the piano.

Log Retention Policies
The Piano Partner 2 app collects information when it is used, including the device type and how the app is used (the functions used, date and time of use, etc.). We will never use this data for the purpose of collecting any personal information or identifying a specific person.
We use the collected data for the following purposes only:
• To improve the functionality of Piano Partner 2 and future related apps.
• To create statistical analysis about how the app is used.
When you download and use the Piano Partner 2 app, it is accepted that you agree with the above policies. If you do not accept these policies, we recommend that you do not use the app.

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Piano Partner 2 应用程序提供一个友好且互动的操作方式,帮您在Roland数码钢琴上学习以及享受音乐。歌曲及“数码乐谱 Lite”功能可在您的设备上显示钢琴的内置歌曲,同时,节奏以及闪卡游戏功能让您在智能伴奏功能下提升技巧,还有吸引人的音乐练习。Piano Partner 2 还可让您的移动设备作为兼容的Roland数码钢琴的遥控器操控您的数码钢琴,另外还提供直观图形界面更加容易操作。

录音机以及日记功能可以帮助您更快地进步,让您可以评估您的演奏以及跟踪记录您每日的练习活动。日记功能记录了您的演奏时间,弹奏了哪些键等;您还可以直接通过应用程序分享给您的家人,朋友和老师。通过蓝牙进行无线连接,或者使用USB线连接您的移动设备和兼容的Roland钢琴,就可使用Piano Partner 2。

歌曲— 在Roland数码钢琴乐曲库中浏览和选择音乐。
“数码乐谱 Lite”— 显示内置乐曲的乐谱。
节奏— 跟随您的和旋演奏,培养伴奏的节奏感。
闪卡游戏— 培养您的听力和读谱技巧的趣味挑战。
远程控制器— 从您的移动设备控制Roland数码钢琴上的功能。
录音— 记录每天的演奏并立即聆听。
日记— 跟踪记录您的日常活动,并在微信等社交媒体上分享您的练习状况。
用户管理— 多个用户可在同一设备上跟踪记录各自的日记数据。

GP609, GP607, LX-17, LX-7, HP605, HP603A/HP603, HP601, RP501R, KIYOLA KF-10, DP603, F-140R, FP-90, FP-60, FP-30, FP-10, GO:PIANO (GO-61P), GO:PIANO88 (GO-88P),GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-in(GO-61P-A),


--在第一次连接Piano Partner 2和兼容的钢琴产品时,需要通过网络进行连接。
--乐曲以及“数码乐谱 Lite”只用于钢琴内置乐曲。


Piano Partner 2应用程序将把使用本应用程序时的信息作为日记记录。其中包括您使用的设备相关信息,以及使用方式的信息(如在应用程序中使用过的功能种类,使用时间等)。我们绝不会将这些信息用于收集任何个人信息或识别特定对象。
1. 为改善Piano Partner 2及未来相关应用程序的功能。
2. 为创建关于本应用程序使用状况的统计分析。

当您下载并使用Piano Partner 2应用软件时,将被视为您同意以上的政策。如果您不能接受以上的政策,我们建议您不要使用本应用程序。

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