SpeedSmart Speed Test


SpeedSmart 是终极 iOS 速度测试工具,可用于评估所有 iOS 设备上的移动(3G,4G,LTE)和 Wi-Fi 连接。 全球伺服器网络和智能测速方法确保结果精准 立即下载!

SpeedSmart 已被用于速度测试超过 2 亿次,并且已被很多许多专业人士用于现场,它可以快速、轻松地测试您的互联网连接。

*** 应用功能 ****

- 实时测试你的下载,上传和PING的速度
- 移动和 Wi-Fi 网络速度测试
- 详细跟踪您过去的所有结果历史记录
- 30秒内一键测试
- 通过级别、、图表、提供商速度等指标,全面了解您的速度测试结果
- 排解故障及验证网络提供商承诺你的网速
- 将结果与网络提供商平均速度和延迟进行比较
- 能简单地透过Twitter,Facebook或电邮分享你的测速结果
- 100 多个速度测试服务器遍布全球,以获得准确的结果
- 为每个单独结果添加注释
- 带宽计算器
- 长按任意服务器,可设为默认测试位置
- 结果地图让你查看全球或你临近进行的速度测试
- 100%免费

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SpeedSmart makes it easy to speed test your WiFi or Mobile internet connection in under 30 seconds. Download now!

It is the ultimate speed test for evaluating your cellular (3G,4G,LTE) and Wi-Fi connection on all your devices with one-tap. With a server in almost every major city and a smart speed test method ensure accurate results happen. Knowing your download, upload, and ping is important.

Use the Speed Test app to see just how fast your Internet connection really is from anywhere in the world, whether on a mobile or broadband connection.


- Real time speed test for your Download, Upload internet speed
- Network ping & jitter test
- Full History tracking of all your past results
- WiFi SSID on results
- Detailed history view with location, IP, data used and more
- Cellular and Wi-Fi network speed test
- One touch testing in under 30 seconds
- Troubleshoot and verify the speed your ISP promised you
- Share your test results to friends easily.
- Worldwide server network
- No unnecessary permissions

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