Word Search Puzzles


Best new FREE word search puzzle game in 2018! Challenge your brain with addictive & fun puzzles! Full of themes to suit your every mood!

Are you ready for adventure:
- Treasure-huntin' for some pirate-themed phrases?
- Searching for words to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Or maybe you're just stopping by:
- Say HI (or maybe not) with "words that rhyme with hello"!

Putting on those nerdy glasses:
- Stretch your vocabulary with a "Vocab Challenge" puzzle or two!

But wait, there's more!
- Lots of other puzzles to choose from!
- Replay categories to beat your own high-score!
- Complete quests to get new FREE puzzles!

Forget the pen and paper - You'll never run out of puzzles with WORD SEARCH PUZZLES!

WARNING: Playing this game may challenge your brain and improve your word power :)

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A classic word search game on the board.
The board is generated randomly based on a database with many words.
The player's task is to quickly find all the words.
Two game modes: Classic Game and Race Against Time.

The Race against time is a unique game mode. Find a word as quickly as possible.

- 4 levels of difficulty. Size of the board: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
- Leaderboards and Achievements after logging in. Compare results with your friends.
- Designed for phones and tablets
- 14 languages, including English
- Hints in the game


- 4級的難度。板的大小:8×8,10×10,12×12
- 排行榜和在登錄後業績進行比較的結果與你的朋友。
- 專為手機和平板電腦
- 14種語言,包括英語
- 提示在遊戲中

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