iViewer DVR


iViewer DVR is a H.264 digital video recorder remote viewer.

01. Address Book.
02. PTZ Control.
03. Multi Channel H.264 Viewer.
04. Double tap to switch single channel mode/quad channel mode.
05. Scroll left/right to switch next/previous channel.
06. Listen DVR Audio.
07. Talk to DVR.
08. Remote Playback.
09. Event Notification.
10. Zoom video.
11. Snapshot.

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An H.264 specific DVR viewer.

Now 1CH mode can zoom in.(android verions 2.2.x to newest version)

Support 1CH, 4CH, 9CH, 16CH display mode.

Now android version 2.2 above have new feature, push notification and message center.

Press menu button at DVR listview to add, edit or delete device.

Select and click DVR name to connect and show.

Press menu button at DVR view to switch High Quality or Low Quality mode, audio on/off, ptz controll on/off(single channel mode), and playback.

Scroll left to switch to next channel(1CH mode) or next page (4CH or 9CH or 16CH mode).

Scroll right to switch to previous channel(1CH mode) or previous page (4CH or 9CH or 16CH mode).

Double click to switch 1CH/Multi CH mode.

Press menu key to select multi ch mode(4CH, 9CH, 16CH).

Tap screen to show/hide Relay control.

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